“One Hope” Biblical Counseling

Are you or someone you know struggling with sin, grief, hurt? Battling addiction? Looking for biblical guidance? We would love to come alongside you and offer practical help and lasting hope!

We all have unique journeys—ups and downs on the road of life. Our counselors are here to walk beside you as you navigate the challenges we all encounter.

We are all in the process of being changed. Our desire is to offer support and encouragement while pointing you to Jesus and his loving care for you.

We believe that our only hope for change is in the saving power of Jesus Christ. This hope frames our perspective and guides us as we face the issues of life.

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At Redeemer Church, “One Hope” biblical counseling was designed to help individuals and families get practical, biblical help. Our experienced team of counselors is ready to help you.

For more information on our “One Hope” biblical counseling, contact: OneHope@redeemer.ch.