“Redeemer Church is the first church home we had as a married couple​, and remained our church home for over six wonderful years until we were called to move out of ​state ​to a new job. ​ The time we spent in this gospel-rich community has formed and shaped us in ways that we are still uncovering. ​ Prior to joining the church, we had never before ​experienced such regular and faithful Gospel-saturated preaching, and we soaked it in over those years. ​ ​And ​it was such a joy to be surrounded by people who love God and others so well. ​ ​We brought home our first two children during our time at Redeemer​, and while pregnant with our second child, we discovered that he would be born with a very rare ​and complicated ​birth defect​ that had us in and out of the hospital for his first year of life. ​ ​The love, support, and encouragement that Brian, the Elders, and the congregation ​poured out on our family during that year was beyond what we ever expected to receive. Their generosity and faithfulness was and continues to be an incredible blessing to us and our children. We will always be grateful for these dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and the countless ways in which they have showed us what a beautiful thing Gospel-centered Christian community is.”

—Brette and Adam

“Not long after we first started attending Redeemer, we knew we had found a special place.  It has many things we value in a church: friendly people, biblically-grounded children’s classes, theological depth, worship that balances Scripture and the great confessions of the church with a contemporary flavor, and regular prayer meetings.  We were also able to quickly form strong friendships with others.  Most importantly, we discovered faithful, expositional preaching of God’s word.  It soon became clear that Pastor Brian had spent decades joyfully exploring Scripture, learning its terrain, and becoming familiar with all of the converging paths in redemptive history that lead to Christ.  The weekly ministry of the word combines rich theology, vivid illustration, and practical application of the Scriptures to our everyday lives. This is a church that seeks to see and enjoy Christ, and we thank God for leading us here!”

—Andy and Jenni

“Redeemer Church was for me a tangible expression of the body of Christ loving, serving and supporting one another. I moved back to South Bend to pursue long term overseas missions and started attending Redeemer because I’d visited one Christmas break and was impressed with the depth of preaching which pointed me to Christ and his grace. Upon arrival I was immediately invited to participate in a small group and was basically adopted by a new family. I felt so loved on and encouraged as I took steps towards the mission field and know my journey would have looked much different without the incredible backing and love from my friends at Redeemer. They prayed for me, allowed me to share my vision, organized a luncheon, supported me financially, sent cards, attended my going away party, loved me like family, and poured into me even though they knew I was only going to be around physically a short time. And while I’m far away they have continued to love, support, keep up with me and pray for me as I seek to be an extension of the grace I experienced there to those who have yet to know God’s grace here. I love Redeemer Church and what they are doing in Michiana to continually point people to Christ.”

—Abi (now a missionary in South America)

“After moving from Oklahoma to South Bend in 2010, Redeemer Church became a home and a family to us. We were delighted to have found a warm, welcoming church that demonstrated a genuine love for Christ, His Word, and the Michiana community. During our time there we experienced deep fellowship, phenomenal preaching, formational liturgy, and a word and deed vision for outreach that powerfully shaped and continues to shape who we are to this day.”

—Billy and Kate